The Pepsi Fighter Jet Case

In 1996 a man sued Pepsi demanding they give him a $23M fighter jet. This is the story of that case.


The Crew of the Mignonette

Built in 1867, the Mignonette was a 52 foot, 19 tonne yacht that was purchased in Southampton, England by an Australian lawyer called John Want in 1883 who intended to use it as a pleasure craft in Sydney, Australia. Mr Want struggled to find a crew to sail the small vessel the 15,000 miles from…

The Witchcraft Acts

  There is a secret society of Witches in every country," said my grandmother. "An English witch will know all the other witches in England. They swap deadly recipes. Goodness knows what else they talk about. I hate to think. Many people think that Helen Duncan was a witch and the last witch to be…